Bethesda SVP Pete Hines has replied to a tweet, saying that news of Elder Scrolls VI will not be coming for a few years as they focus on Starfield.
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Bad news for Elder Scrolls fans out there. As reported by IGN, it seems that news on the hotly anticpated Elder Scrolls VI isn’t on the horizon. In fact it’s safe to say that it probably isn’t even on the planet right now.

Replying to a tweet from a fan asking for news on the game, Bethesda Senior Vice President Pete Hines said that to give details of the game would be unfair. He stated that the emphasis would be on Starfield, Bethesda’s next game.

To many this shouldn’t be surprising. With much of the studio’s resources focused on their next title, it was likely going to be years before we heard any news of Elder Scrolls VI. That being said, it seems that not much can be done to stop the hype around the Skyrim follow-up.

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