It appears that players will be unable to meet one another in No Man's Sky. At least for now.
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Kotaku have reported that two PlayStation 4 players have attempted to meet each other in No Man’s Sky, but were unsuccessful. TheSadCactus landed on a planet that had been discovered by a different player by the name Psytokat. TheSadCactus then contacted Psytokat and they attempted to meet up. The image above shows the two attempting to meet, but being unable to see each other. It’s believed that each player lives in their own instance of the game as the two players have been unable to see each other on nearby planets or a neighbouring space station.

no mans sky

Players had long hoped that running into other players in No Man’s Sky would allow them to physically meet, but it appears this is not the case. In a 2014 interview with Game Informer Sean Murray, Hello Games’ managing director, gave a statement that makes it appear as if players will never be able to physically meet up.

” I actually want people to boot up the game and just think, “Isn’t the universe huge? Who are we? What are we all doing here?””

For the full interview please do check out the Game Informer interview with Murray. Make sure to check back in a few days for our first impressions of No Man’s Sky.

Time will tell if players ever get the chance to meet up. Are you enjoying the game? Or are you having to wait until the PC release to play this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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