No Man's Sky received an update that promises to introduce features promised pre-launch.
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By now we all know the game title No Man’s Sky. This game had a rough release with promises that weren’t kept from the developers. However today saw Hello Games releasing the first game changing update. The new update should bring many new features.

  • There are now three different game modes:

Normal– which is the original gameplay experience

Creative– which promises an unlimited universe and big bases

Survival– which ups the challenge and tests explorers’ endurance.

  • Players can now establish home bases, which are used for shelter, storage and alien technology research
  • Players can farm crops, including new plants and resources
  • Players can add save points anywhere they want
  • Freighters can be bought and manned by aliens for added storage
  • A quick menu is available to make looking through inventory easier
  • PC and Ps4 versions have several bug fixes and visual improvements

I’m willing to give this game a second chance, and check out the new update. Only time will tell if this game will become what it was supposed to be. But, at this time it is looking good for No Man’s Sky. Are you going to give it another try? As for any games that haven’t picked this game up, I’d wait for more updates to be released before picking this game up.

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