Nintendo Switch Online Service Gives Subscribers Free Games

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Nintendo Switch Online Service will give subscribers ongoing access to a library of classic games with added online play.

Initially the company said subscribers would get one free NES or SNES game each month, only playable during that month. But now they have changed this term to offer paid users unlimited access to the Switch’s classic games library:

Users can play as many of the games as they want, as often as they like, as long as they have an active subscription.

The library available at launch will consist of NES games like Super Mario Bros. 3, Balloon Fight and Dr. Mario, with more games to be announced at a later date. Super Nintendo games are being considered but there are no further announcements about this at the moment.

The paid features include online play, online lobbies and voice chat through a smart device app, Classic Game Selection and Member-only exclusive price promotions. The current pricing is £17.52 a year (€19.99)

A pre-release version of the chat app will be available this summer:

Starting this summer, any Nintendo Switch owner with a Nintendo Account and a supported smart device will be able to use a version of the smart-device app with limited functionality.

Nintendo Switch Online launches in 2018. Until then, the service is free.

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