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Nintendo Switch Is Nintendo’s Fastest Selling Console Ever In America, Australia & Europe

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Nintendo’s new console is enjoying strong sales and reportedly breaking the company’s past records worldwide during its launch week.

According to a yet to be published interview with Reggie Fils-Aime conducted by New York Times reporter, Nick Wingfield, who shared these updates in Twitter:

During its first two days, the Nintendo Switch already sold more than the Wii across the American continent:

With Breath of the Wild becoming the best-selling standalone title in Nintendo’s history since Super Mario on the N64:

Wingfield also points out that comparisons with the Wii are tough but the Switch is up to a good start:

According to GamesIndustry the console has sold around 80.000 units in the UK, quite modest numbers compared to other consoles both from Nintendo and from competitors. But at least it has performed better than its predecessor, the Wii U.

And Zelda: Breath of the Wild is doing quite well in the region, becoming the week’s second best seller game after Horizon: Zero Dawn.

In Japan, the console sold around 330,637 units during the first three days, with Zelda’s retail numbers being around 190,060 units according Famitsu’s report, translated by Kotaku.

Placing Switch’s Japan sales in between Wii U’s 308,570 units and Wii’s 371,936 units sold during their first two days. This is quite a positive number in light of the console being launched in a non-holiday season.

Gamespot collected even more updates from the Switch’s worldwide sales, reporting that it was the best-selling Nintendo hardware ever across Europe, Australia and New Zealand. With similar results for Breath of the Wild that outsold Wii Sports, Nintendo’s previous best seller in the region.

To sum up, Nintendo’s advertising campaign seems to have yielded positive results, securing a successful launch for Nintendo Switch in spite of being far from the next holiday season, and of the prevailing skepticism around the future of the console due to the poor performance of its predecessor. While there’s still some important obstacles the Nintendo Switch must overcome in the upcoming months, for the time being the console is faring better than the Wii U. This may be enough to convince more third parties to start developing for the console.

Do you think Nintendo Switch will do better than Wii U in the near future?

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