Nintendo Might Being Opening An Amusement Park

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Nintendo recently filed a trademark that may reveal some details about their amusement park project.

On May 24 the trademark application was filed in the United States Patent And Trademark Office for something called SUPER NINTENDO WORLD that could be related to the project Nintendo is working on with Universal Parks & Resorts.

The original announcement spoke of Nintendo-themed areas coming to Universal Studios Japan, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood with “highly themed and authentic environments filled with multiple attractions, shops and restaurants” that will open over the next several years.

The recent patent filed mentions services relevant to such enterprise like “management or arrangement of kart racing, motorcycle events and other events with vehicles, hotel accommodation services; restaurant services, rental of conference rooms; exhibition spaces; event venues.”

As well as other interesting items like providing games for consoles, arcade machines, handhelds, smartphones and via telecommunication networks, video game events and more.

Super Nintendo World could be the name of Nintendo’s amusement park. Though no official announcement has been made yet, they did say the planning was “well underway” the last time the spoke about it.

With the E3 around the corner maybe we won’t have to wait that much to learn more.

Would you go to a Nintendo-themed amusement park?

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