Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has "addressed" the recent controversies of the company. But you didn't see it in Ubisoft Forward for some reason
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I hope from the title and excerpt you can tell that the title of this post is sarcastic. Yesterday was Ubisoft’s Ubisoft Forward event. Before it aired, Ubisoft released the below video statement of a message from CEO Yves Guillemot. In it, he claims that Ubisoft has removed those that violated Ubisoft’s values, something confirmed by Eurogamer. He claims that the company are working to facilitate “real change”, but that will remain to be seen.

The message is four minutes long, yet somehow Ubisoft claimed they were unable to air it during the Ubisoft Forward event due to “time constraints”. The company said that the statement will be added to all on-demand versions of the event after it aired. However, as of the time of writing the official live stream on their Youtube channel (shown below) does not contain the message from Guillemot.

Personally I think this is appalling of Ubisoft, to not include this message in the live stream. Be it during the actual stream or on-demand. The lives of some employees have forever been changed, and they seemingly care so little that they cannot publicly address it. Even in his message Guillemot never directly names any individuals or even the situation of allegations of sexual misconduct. Even the controversy surrounding Black Lives Matter and the trailer for Tom Clancy: Elite Squad isn’t directly mentioned. Instead, it’s merely referred to as content that was inappropriate in a recent mobile game.

I know there are gamers out there that prefer their politics and their video games separate. However, these controversies rocked the world of video games. Ubisoft affected the lives of those involved, and they owe it to them to publicly hold their hands up and acknowledge what happened. Sure they are donating money to causes, and are looking to create opportunities for woman and people of colour. But that is all merely damage control.

Ubisoft. Actions speak louder than words

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