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World of Final Fantasy
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A new trailer has been released for World of Final Fantasy at this years Tokyo game show….and as expected, it is an overload of cuteness!

The trailer follows the journey of Reynn and Lann, a pair of siblings that are Bound by prophecy to lead the world to salvation or ruin. As the pair enter the world of Grymoire, they meet a range of chibi styled familiar faces and beasties from other Final Fantasy Titles including Faris and her Pirate Moogles (FF5), Rydia and her Mist Dragon (FF4) and a young summoner named Eiko (FF9).  The trailer also features the opening theme song by Mizuki called Innocence 2.

The day one edition is available to pre-order now and comes with an exclusive Sephiroph summon and the japanese voiceover option add-on. There will also be a collector’s edition which includes a physical pop-up book containing an 80-page hardbound artbook, three mini-figurines, a soundtrack CD and
extra digital content.

Both versions will arrive on October 25 for the PS4 and PlayStation Vita.

Will you be joining the World of Final Fantasy or saving your money for FF15? Let us know in the comments section below!

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