A new set of screenshots on reddit posted by user joelioio, shed some new light on the playable NPC's of Watch Dogs Legion.
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Watch Dogs Legion is Ubisoft’s newest entry into the Watch Dogs series. Taking place in London, this game stands out on its own with a brand new mechanic. Instead of having a main character, you can freely embody any of the various NPC’s. You can play as any character in the game. These characters can range from a bartender, a boxer, a spy, a police officer, and yes, even an elderly lady.

A new set of screenshots on reddit posted by user joelioio shed some new light on the playable NPC’s of Watch Dogs Legion.

Watch Dogs Legion Screenshots

Watch Dogs Legion

This first screenshot shows the user playing as a police officer. Having access to a police uniform might be helpful for getting into specific locations. The police officer has an action called “Bail Out,” which is described as a “Team Arrest Release.”

Playing as a spy character, you can wield a silenced pistol, jam enemy weapons, and have access to a spy car. The spy car comes equipped with missiles and a cloak ability.

Watch Dogs Legion

The final screenshot shows the user playing as the “Football Hooligan.” As this character, the user will have an ability called “Rally Call,” which allows the user to call friends to a fight. “Tough Drunk,” is an ability that allows the player to receive less damage.

Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs Legion had an original release date of March 2020. Legion’s release date has been pushed from late 2020 to early 2021. It seems that fans of the franchise have criticized the new NPC mechanic. This delay could be to refine the experience of playing as multiple different types of characters. We will likely see more information and gameplay at the Ubisoft Forward event this Sunday. What are your thoughts on Watch Dogs Legion? Do you think the NPC mechanic is interesting? Let us know on Twitter @Games_Bulletin.

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