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New Trailer For We Happy Few Introduces New Characters

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It’s only a few weeks until the creepy-looking survival game ‘We Happy Few’ hits stores and the most recent trailer gives a little more insight into the dystopian world. The trailer showcases the games 3 main characters and offers additional details of their stories, as well as giving a further glimpse into the gameplay.

The 3 main characters of We Happy Few start with Arthur Hastings, a craftsman who uses his hands to solve problems, be that from crafting makeshift weapons or hacking into equipment. Next is Sally Boyle, both sneaky and sultry, Sally uses drug-filled syringes to incapacitate guards before stealthily entering restricted areas. Finally, we have Ollie, who is much more crass and brutish in his approach, utilizing brute strength and loud explosions to survive. As well as a look at the three main characters, the trailer also gives a peek at the overhauled crafting system , side quests and skill trees.

We Happy Few has seen its fair share of changes since being announced at E3, with the addition of extra characters, a more in-depth story, extra mechanics and a PS4 version, however this trailer seems to be the definitive final product. The game will is set for release on August 10th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Are you looking forward to picking it up or are you worried the plethora of changes won’t be for the better? Let us know in the comments section or drop us a Tweet!

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