New Pokemon Snap, which builds upon the N64 title, is set to release April 30th. Players can expect some mystery, and lots of Pokemon!
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Yesterday saw the release of new details of New Pokemon Snap, most notably a release date. The game, which builds upon the N64 game, is set to release April 30th exclusively for Nintendo Switch. In New Pokemon Snap players will work with Professor Mirror, his assistant Rita, to photograph the Pokemon of the Lental region.

Players will travel the region in the NEO-ONE, as it drives you around the region. The game plays in a rail-shooter style, allowing the player to focus solely on snapping Pokemon. The player can throw a fluffruit (the region’s native fruit) to catch the attention of the Pokemon, or just to watch them eat. In the wild, Pokemon can be found doing a range of tasks. Everything from patrolling their territory to playing with other Pokemon. Some Pokemon, and even vegetation, in the Lental region may emit a strange glow. It’s down to the player to discover the mystery of the “Illumina phenomenon”.

  • New Pokemon Snap
  • New Pokemon Snap
  • New Pokemon Snap

As in the N64 game, the professor will score the player’s photos. These are scored on a range of things such as how the Pokemon is framed, how well they are facing the player, and even their pose. As you progress you “may see Pok√©mon behaving in entirely new ways”. The highest-scoring photos the player takes are then used to fill in the Pokedex.

I personally loved this game on N64, and am so happy that a modern version is coming out. I know for sure I’m going to be grabbing this. Will you be grabbing New Pokemon Snap? Let us know in the comments!

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