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Overwatch is nearing its second year anniversary and Blizzard are showing no signs of slowing their support for the game, having recently teased new characters, maps and events.

During a recap of what 2017 offered for Overwatch, game director Jeff Kaplan gave some insight about what 2018 has in store. Although no exact timescales were given, Kaplan indicated that a new map will launch “very soon”. The map, called Blizzard World, is a Theme Park based on Blizzard’s other franchises which Kaplan described as “one of our best” while also mixing up the gameplay in a way that Blizzard have not tried before.

Also coming “very soon” is the next Lunar New Year event, following on from last year’s celebration of the Year of the Rooster. 2018 will see the Year of the Dog being celebrated but as Chinese New Year does not start until February 16th, may be later than last year. Kaplan described this year’s celebration, saying it will include some “pretty significant content that players are going to be very happy with.”

Another returning event from 2017 will be the Uprising event, although Blizzard have stated they “want to evolve it”, so the exact nature is still a mystery. The Anniversary event will also return giving players a chance to earn rewards that were missed last year, such as emotes.

As well as events, Kaplan continued to tease eager fans mentioning new maps, plural, as well as a new character, currently being referred to as Hero 27. No indication on the gender or style of the character was mentioned, although Kaplan did comment that the character is “very needed”.

Speaking on non-event lootbox drops, Kaplan put fans minds at ease:  “Speaking of skins, the feedback we always get from the players is, ‘We wish you would add more content to the base, non-event loot box.’ Coming up very soon, hopefully sometime this month, will be a ton of new content into that base loot box.”

It’s always good when studios stand by their games and continue to evolve them over time which is always excellent news for fans. Is there anything in particular that you are looking forward to for Overwatch 2018? Let us know in the comments section below or drop us a Tweet!

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