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Games tablet developers NVIDIA, have announced they are releasing a new Android based retro gaming tablet. The JXD S192 has been called a spiritual successor to the popular JXD S7800b and pre-orders are now being accepted on The tablet is planned for release in May 2016 and the current pre-order price is £219/$315.

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Image Courtesy of NVIDIA

The JXD S192 is an Android Gaming Tablet that boasts a NVIDIA Terga K1 Quad-Core Graphics Chip, a 2.0GHz ARM Cortex-A15 Processor, 2GB of DDR3 RAM and a 7” inch 1080p Retina Screen. As you can see from the picture above, the tablet has hand grips to make gaming easier.

The tablet boasts an impressive range systems that it can play games from including PS1, PSP, MAME, Dreamcast, N64 and Neo Geo as well as a range of 8 and 16 bit consoles and traditional android based games which will all run smoothly.

Image Courtesy of NVIDIA
Image Courtesy of NVIDIA

The tablet can also be used as a more traditional Android tablet with the ability to browse the internet, watch videos, listen to music and use a range of applications. The tablet also has an expandable memory as well as having 32 GB built in capacity and has USB and HDMI ports for using controllers and playing dual screen with a TV.

For a full list of specifications and features or to pre-order the tablet, visit

Do you like to have all of your old games in one place or do you prefer to play them as intended on their original consoles? Let us know in the comments section below!

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