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Injustice 2
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The new Fighter Pack 3 DLC will unlock 6 new characters to fight with and against.

The characters Enchantress, Atom and the Ninja Turtles will be the all-new playable characters.

There is currently no gameplay of any of the new characters but there is speculation that the Ninja Turtles might fight as a team instead of individual characters. This theory is supported by the scene where Michelangelo says he calls dibs on the “magic lady” but Leonardo steps in and says that they “fight as a team”. Or you could play as Leonardo, since he is the leader of the group, and the others occasionally jump in to help perform special or combo moves. This is all speculation though so nothing is confirmed yet.

This is the first time the Ninja Turtle have been part of a fighting game since the early 90’s. The last time they appeared was in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters. It was a PC game that was ported to consoles and still has a strong following.

You can unlock these new characters and all the other new ones before these by getting the Ulitmate Edition of Injustice 2 or you just purchase the Fighter pack 3 DLC. The character Atom is going to be available for early access on December 12 but the release dates of the characters have not been released.

The games PC version is set to release in a few days on November 14. It is presumably going to have the FIghter Packs 1-3 available when it releases. The 1v1 beta is currently available ahead of the PC launch.

Which of these characters are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below!

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