New Horizon: Zero Dawn Footage Shows Off Creatures and Crafting

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Sony showed some new footage for the studio behind Killzone Guerilla Games upcoming PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn, at Paris Games Week last month.

Players who play Horizon: Zero Dawn will see themselves in control of the games heroine ‘Aloy’ taking on partly organic machines 1000-years in the future. In the demo shown at Paris Games Week, Aloy hunts a group of this creatures called ‘Grazers’ to get access to a specific resource which are carried in canisters on their backs.

In the game Aloy will have the tools available to take on each situation she placed in, where she needs to use these tools, her knowledge of the creatures, mixed with the environment to hunt and take down these creatures. For the demo shown Aloy was using a bow and arrow to hunt a Grazer, but the dangers of the game were shown when another Grazer came to avenge it fallen foe. After the battle Aloy loots the corpses for resources which can be used to craft weapons for use in the game.

The footage shown also seen Aloy take down a larger creature in a boss battle, where she used her bow and arrow and a cross-bow. She took this creature down by hitting more vulnerable spots on the boss, and after hitting a spot with exposed wires and skin it burst into flames.

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