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God Of War was definitely a surprise for everyone at Sony’s E3 conference this year. This new revamped God Of War features quieter moments something that we haven’t really seen from previous God of War titles. Also you will ┬ábe playing as Kratos, but he has aged quite a bit. According to Corey Barlog, the game is set many years after the events of God Of War 3 and you will be playing as Kratos for the entire game. One of the biggest changes to the game is the gameplay.

Barlog had stated,

“The main thing we are doing is we’re reimagining the gameplay, kind of tearing it down, and rebuilding it from scratch and continuing the storyline. We’re carrying the mythology we’ve created with God Of War and bringing it into Norse mythology.”

God Of War

Another feature that has changed is the camera perspective. The game now has a more behind-the-back camera perspective rather than the fixed camera angles we have seen in the previous games.

You can check out the E3 gameplay trailer and all the new features for God Of War below.

When asked if the new God Of War would feature an open world Barlog had stated,

“It’s open, but it isn’t an open world. We wanted a much more intimate experience, a much more up close, and a much more player-controlled experience. The camera perspective is something that we are leaning heavily into for everything in the game. I think you can still expect the pick up and play accessibility we’ve had in all previous games. The new perspective will give you an entirely new take on the game.

No further details about the game have been revealed, but stayed tuned for more information on the new God of War.

Did you guys expect to be seeing a new God of War at E3 this year? What has been your favorite part of E3 2016? Let us know in the comments below.

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