New God of War Reaches An Exciting Milestone

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God of War’s director said over Twitter that they’ve reached an exciting milestone in the game’s development.

After its announcement in the last E3, there hasn’t been any news on the progress of the game. From past interviews with Cory Barlog, the game’s director, we know the new God of War will take both the story and its main character in a different direction, more in tune with the current trends of the game industry.

Still, news and footage of the game have been scarce and the fan base reacted with increasing eagerness. Many of them have gone over Twitter to ask the developers themselves.

While he can’t say much yet, Barlog answered some these questions with bits and pieces of information:

The new God of War will not be a 10-12 hour game:

Mo-cap shooting is almost finished:

And the most significant piece of information is that the current version of the game is already playable in its full length:

The new God of War is yet to be given a release date but, based on this information, we may be getting official news in the upcoming months.

Meanwhile, the hype keeps building and God of War’s announcement trailer is now the most viewed game trailer on PlayStation’s Youtube channel.

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