New Game Mode Coming To Overwatch

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The new Deathmatch mode, already available on the PTR, is coming to the Overwatch Arcade soon.

In Deathmatch players compete in teams to earn the most kills with an in-game scoreboard showing who’s winning.

Deathmatch will have 2 modes and a new map:

  • FFA: 8 heroes clash in a first-to-20-kills battle.
  • Team Deathmatch: a 6v6 team battle where the first team to claim 30 kills wins. Mercy resurrections take kills away from the rival team’s total score.
  • New Deathmatch Map: besides several maps being modified for the Deathmatch mode, a new map called Chateau Guillard is being introduced to FFA games.

More details in the developer’s update video.

What do you think about a Deathmatch mode being introduced to Overwatch? Were you waiting for it?

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