Deathloop is getting an interesting new function for PS5's DuelSense controller. Game director Dinga Bakaba gives more insight on this new function.
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The upcoming game Deathloop is getting an interesting function for PS5’s new DuelSense controller. The PS5 DuelSense Controller will include adaptive triggers as well as haptic feedback. Dinga Bakaba, game director on Deathloop, explains how this might play out in the game. Bakaba says that when your gun jams in-game, the controller will tighten up and block the triggers. This stops you from pulling the trigger in-game and physically on the controller.


Bakaba stated, “Deathloop being a first-person shooter, we do a lot of things to make weapons feel differently from one another.” “Blocking the triggers when your weapon jams, to give to the player immediate feedback even before the animation plays out, prompts the player in a physical way that they have to unjam their gun.”

It is hard to say whether or not this will be an immersive function or another gimmicky feature we will have to wait until we get our hands on the Deathloop. It will be interesting to see how other developers take advantage of this technology.

Back in August, Sony did confirm that the PS4’s controller will not be compatible with PS5 games. Features like this make sense to that decision.

Unfortunately, Deathloop has been pushed to Q2 2021 which puts it a couple of months after the release of the PS5. We will have to wait until next year to get our hands on this unique feature. What are your thoughts on Deathloop? How do you feel about the adaptive triggers of the PS5 DuelSense controller? Let us know on Twitter @Games_Bulletin

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