New Content For Black Ops 3 Teased

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Treyarch, the developers behind the Call of Duty Black Ops series, have suggested that Black Ops 3 could be in for some new content in 2017.

In a recent Facebook Livestream, co-studio head Dan Bunting said that the developer wants to put out new content for fans as the game has stayed popular, despite a new release in the franchise..

Bunting went on to say:

“I cannot say anything specifically at this point and time, but I can say that as Treyarch, we are excited about this game…and as long as they continue playing our game, we’re going to continue to support it in the same way. We can look forward to another healthy and fun year of updates in 2017.”

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Jason Blundell of Treyarch added that more Zombie support would be coming including a new feature called ‘Newton’s Cookbook’, although no other details were given about what this is.

Black Ops 3 was the best-selling game of 2015 and as of August 2016, was the biggest sel;ling current gen game but it is still surprising that new content may be coming as this usually stops when the next game is released. This may be in part to the sharp decline in physical sales, which you can read more on in Games Bulletin’s earlier article.

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