Netflix Has Their Own Game; Netflix Infinite Runner

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Fellow Netflix addicts behold! We finally have a Netflix themed game featuring some of the best characters from some of the service’s biggest shows. As you may have guessed from the name, the game is an infinite runner (go figure) and features four characters; Pablo Escobar (from Narcos), Marco Polo (from Marco Polo), Piper Chapman (from Orange Is The New Black) and Mike Wheeler (from Stranger Things).

Netflix have confirmed that the game is indeed their doing, but is currently only getting promotion on their Spanish and Indian social media accounts. There are levels from each of the shows, so you will find yourself running through Colombian jungles one minute and through prisons the next. There’s also a low-res version of the Stranger Things theme tune. Those interested can find the game on this link.

I am currently addicted to Narcos, having just finished Stranger Things, and am loving it! I highly recommend both of them. If you get a few minutes spare the game is playable in the web browser and is worth a shot. It by no means GOTY material, but is definitely worth a pop. Let us know what you think in the comments below, or tweet us your thoughts @games_bulletin!

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