NACON and crēa-ture Studios announced a joint venture to develop and publish realistic skateboarding simulator Session. The game features realistic skateboarding set in an open-world urban environment
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NACON and crēa-ture Studios yesterday announced that they will team up to develop and distribute Session: Skateboarding Sim Game. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam and has been well received with 85% of its reviews being positive. Session promises players a realistic simulation of skateboarding via the True Stance Stick. This is a control system where each foot of the skater is controlled individually with the controller sticks. As a result, players will encounter a steep learning curve, much like learning in real-life. The game also includes an integrated video editor, so the player can capture the moment.

Session “celebrates the golden age of skateboarding and faithfully presents the creativity, culture and madcap nature of the sport as it grew in popularity during the 90s”. Featuring an open world in an urban environment, players can become a skateboarding legend and carve out their own style. We have reached out for comment on plans for Session in the future, and will keep you updated!

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