Come read what my biggest moments and takeaways are from X-men: Apocalypse and what this film means for the future of the series.
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**** Warning full plot spoilers for X-men: Apocalypse ****

There are three really big things that need to be talked about from X-Men: Apocalypse. Jean Grey reaching her full potential as Phoenix, Wolverine’s Weapon X sequence, and what the end credit scene means for future films in the franchise. Let’s start with talking about Jean Grey reaching her full mutant potential as Phoenix. The entire last half of the film is an emotional roller coaster ride leading up to the X-men stopping Apocalypse. It  all was lead up to this moment in the film. The moment where Jean unleashed or unlocked the Phoenix. It started in Professor X’s mind palace when she started winning the battle against Apocalypse. Then we see Jean slowly start walking on air out to Apocalypse beating the living daylights out of Cyclops, Quicksilver, Beast, and Mystique. She continues to walk out and she finally wins the battle in Professor X’s mind palace and the audience gets the moment that the film has been building for the past half hour. Jean unlocks the power of the Phoenix and transforms into a fiery phoenix and turns the real life battle in the X-men’s favor. She then eats through Apocalypse’s shield and uses her phoenix powers to kill him. This scene was so awesome because the payoff for Jean’s character was real and the image of her as Phoenix was freaking awesome. The image of Jean emerging as the Phoenix was all I needed for her character from the film.


Now onto that Weapon X sequence in Stryker’s laboratory. That scene is straight from the pages of the comics. Jean releases Logan and he gets out and goes on a killing rampage. Stryker keeps sending soldiers to try to take him out and he keeps cutting them down. No amount of bullets can stop him. For this scene they also chose the right camera angle for the scene. The angle shows either from his back or as he was moving but rarely showed him just the carnage. Which increases the sheer ferocity of his power.


Finally what exactly happened in the end credit scene and how this will affect future X-men movies. The scene entailed a bunch of suits showing up at the Weapon X facility taking Wolverine’s blood samples, x-rays, and then putting them in an Essex Corpation briefcase. My initial reaction when I saw this scene was that the scene was in reference to X-23. This was all based on prior knowledge and had nothing to do with who or what the Essex Corporation was in reference to.

Then I Googled what the Essex Corporation was and found out it is related to X-men big bad Mr. Sinister. Which still means that X-23 is a possibility especially since Hugh Jackman will be hanging up Wolverine’s claws next year in the solo Wolverine movie. But Mr. Sinister also ties into the time traveling mutant Cable. Cable has been confirmed for Deadpool’s sequel. It is less likely for him to be who Mr. Sinister will create because it would mean that he would be roughly 30 in the Deadpool sequel which is set in present day. Cable is usually relatively aged so 30 isn’t a real possibility. If they are going to use X-23 it would easily transition her into being Wolverine’s successor till he is brought back.


So those are my big moments from X-men: Apocalypse but what are yours?

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