Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Gameplay Shown In First Trailer

Marvel vs Capcom
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Capcom revealed the first gameplay trailer fro Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. The trailer shows Ryu and Mega Man X taking on Captain Marvel and Iron Man. In a small twist, Infinite will be a 2v2 game, rather than the series’ traditional 3v3 format.

The fight shows off the fact that players can call in their teammates to finish their combo off. It looks as if the teammate will come charging in, possibly meaning that the player will have to react quickly in order to continue the combo.┬áSome features from other Marvel vs Capcom seem to be missing; the ability to launch characters into the air and assist attacks. However they may appear in later trailers so don’t rule these out just yet.

The new thing we are introduced to are Power Stones. In the trailer we see Ryu activate a Power Stone. He then starts performing massive hits, which is safe to assume will do more than the normal amount of damage. Captain Marvel also uses a stone, however hers is the Time Stone. This gives her the ability to move extremely quickly, speed boosting past Ryu and launching a barrage of attacks on Ryu.

Are you a fan of Marvel vs Capcom? It’s one of those games I’ve always wanted to play but never managed to. If you are excited by the sound of the game, check out the trailer below and see it in action.

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