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Day 3 of MSI (Mid Season invitations) game 2 of the day SKtelecom t1(SKT t1) from Korea vs Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) from North America. This game was the game of the night. With SKT being on a losing streak already CLG looked to punish them even more and break their will even more.

The early game went into SKT’s favor with faker going 9 and 2 on his Leblanc. But huhi manaed to stay alive through all the team fights. SKT forces baron at 27 minutes. Darshawn uses Poppys Keepers Verdict to knock blank back so he cant smite the baron. 2 members of CLG go down. It’s only Stixxay and Aphromoo left. Stixxay dashes in on lucian he gets a kill. He turns to Bang and gets another. He turned to wolf to pick up a triple before being shut down by Fakers leblanc.

SKT had dragon control all game they have 4 dragons before CLG even had one. At 38 minutes CLG forced a dragon. Blank was behind the dagon pit he flashes over to steal the dragon giving them the 5th dragon buff (aspect of the dragons). Faker was only able to get out 438 damage that entire team fight due to Huhis Azir zoning him out of the dragon pit as well as Darshawns poppy knocking him back. Stixxay on the other hand was able to put an output of 5250 damage during this team fight. Although the fight went in SKT favors with them getting the 5th dragon buff it put CLG back on the board.

CLG forced a baron fight SKT joined the fight late and stixxay channeld his Culling onto all teh squishies on SKT fake stay alive some how but blank goes down CLG gets the baron. CLG take down bang they’re looking for more as SKT tries to disengage CLG wont let them their chasing and chasing them into their base Duke goes down followed by faker finally the only one left is wolf. CLG 5 man pushes down the mid lane and goes to close out the game. This was a very close game with CLG making many micro mistakes throughout the game. In the eng CLG puts NA on the map on a 3 winning streak and puts SKT even farther behind on a 3 losing streak.


SKT had a gold lead all game throughout farming there enemies. CLG held on for so long giving away all of the dragons and focusing so hard on baron vision so that SKT cant sneak a baron. The defensive team comp from CLG kept stixxay alive so that he could do constant DPS(Damage per second) Aphroomoos Janna kept stixxay shielded for so long and huhis Azir kept SKT’s from line from jumping onto Stixxay and just deleting him. Without this win NA would have been distraught.

“In most of the teamfights we were using all of our defensive abilities to help Trever(stixxay) and using all our abiltiies to peel for him, when Stixxay dies everyone was screaming into the mics to protect azir and darshawn was peeling for me amazingly, after we won the fight we just decided to push down mid and end” Huhi said in an interview after the game.

“We knew they would want to 1,3,1 and with alot of assassins on their team a janna can stop that with her tornados and her ultimate, so we knew we would win late game fights even if we got behind in the early game’ Said Aphromoo in an interview after the game.

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