The new Mortal Kombat game came with a trailer showing a fight between Scorpion and Dark Raiden, as wello as teasing a new trailer.
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A bit late to this news but better late than never! 2 days ago Warner Bros. announced Mortal Kombat 11. The game promises to “set the stage for an epic, time bending story”, and there’s a trailer to boot! The trailer sees Dark Raiden and Scorpion fighting it out, as well as a tease at a new character at the end of the trailer

Mortal Kombat 11 will feature an all new Custom Character Variation System that will allow the player to custom characters in the roster. The game’s campaign will also continue the “epic saga that is more than 25 years in the making.” 

The game’s full reveal will be at Mortal Kombat 11: The Reveal, a community celebration of the series taking place at 7pm on 17th January. The reveal will be streamed globally on Twitch, and will feature a keynote from NetherRealm Studios as well as gameplay and tournaments. 

The game is currently available to pre-order. Standard editions will cost $59.99 (so I’m guessing £54.99 over here). There is also the Premium Edition which will cost $99.99, and comes with the game and the Kombat Pack. All of those who pre-order will get the character Shao Kahn as a bonus. Those who order on PS4 or Xbox One at select retailers will also get access to the beta which begins in March 2019. No word on who those retailers are (for the UK I’m assuming it’s GAME, and no word of a PC bet

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