More Nintendo Switch Info To Come, Says Spokesperson

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The Nintendo Switch was finally revealed last week to mixed reactions but Nintendo have assured that there’s more to come.

A spokesperson for Nintendo told the Wall Street Journal “We haven’t shown everything.” The spokesperson went on to say that Nintendo plan to announce more details about the console next year, ahead of its March release.

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Nintendo have kept their cards close to their chest with their console, which went by the name NX until the reveal trailer last week, so it isn’t surprising that more information is to come. The trailer confirmed many leaks that have come in the last few months, showing a portable/home console hybrid with detachable controllers which can be played anywhere, however no technical specification or prices have been revealed yet.

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After the reveal on Thursday, Nintendo’s stock decreased by 6.5% the following day which is similar to the Wii U reveal in 2011, although that was only 5%. Some analysts have shared doubts that the Nintendo Switch will be appealing to a wider market than die hard Nintendo fans. Speaking to, Dr Serkan Toto, an analyst who specializes in the mobile market in Asia said, “The Switch lacks a killer feature, and I think it will be very difficult for Nintendo to win back the casual gamers that are mostly on mobile now.” The Switch does have an advantage on the Wii U already however with a list of almost 50 publishers and developers on launch when the Wii U only had 21.

Only time will tell however whether the Nintendo Switch will be a commercial success so we will just have to wait till next year!

Are you looking forward to the Nintendo Switch? Are you a Nintendo fan and if not, will the Switch tempt you to give them a try? Let us know in the comments section below.

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