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More details have been shared about Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix’s upcoming RPG epic. Director Hakime Tabata has given details around DLC, frame rate and the possibility of a PC version.

Tabata spoke to JeuxVideo (which was translated and reported by DualShockers) that Square Enix has plans to announce extra content in the summer. According to Jabata, the developer doesn’t want to make what he called “ordinary DLC” and is looking to create enthusiasm among the fans.

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Final Fantasy XV is due for release in September for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but a PC version will not be coming at this time. Tabata hopes that the PC version will be able to achieve elements not possible on the next gen consoles due to technical restrictions but is hoping to “push the game to a new technical level.”

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Tabata also mentioned the games frame rate which has been a source of discussion since the games platinum demo that was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One last week. He mentioned that the development team is optimizing this right now which will come as a relief to those who noticed the demo struggle, especially in boss battles.

(For the full DualShockers report, click here.)

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