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More Details Released For Code Vein

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Bandai Namco today released some new assets for their upcoming gothic action-adventure title Code Vein. The assets showcased a new location, new features, a new character by the name of Nikola and shots of the opening animation.

Nikola Karnstein is the younger sister of Mia and the two are wandering Vein Land protecting each other. Part of this land is The Ridge of Frozen Souls, a treacherous mountain pass with an icy cave, deep snow, narrow ledges and limited visibility. The Ridge of Frozen souls is home to a massive armoured enemy with surprising speed that will use it’s mighty shield and quick attacks to attack the player.

The assets released also show a powerful series of attacks called Blood Veils. These Blood Drain attacks damage enemies while regaining Ichor in the process, which is needed to perform skills. The Ivy Blood Veil unleashes a quick attack from a distance, producing thorns that emerge from the ground to pierce enemies. Other Blood Veils announced include Stinger, Ogre and Hounds, each with its own range and power level, allowing players to switch them in and out to suit the battle at hand.

As well as being able to customise Blood Veil and weapons, players of Code Vein can also choose a special blood type, known as Blood Code. Each Blood Code has a unique skill depending on the owner so when players equip them, they will get the original owner’s special skill. For example, Ranger Blood Code is useful for dungeons, Beserker Blood Code is better used in close range battles and Hunger Blood Code works better at range.

Fans have also been treated to screenshots of the new opening animation created by Ufotable, the Japanese studio who worked on a range of other animations including Tales of Zesteria the X.

Code Vein will be released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC next year.

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