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For the purpose of transparency, this review was completed using a review code provided by Liftoff Labs. The use of a review code does not affect my judgement of this product.

Previously released on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift under the different name of Galaxy Golf, this space bound golf game finally makes its way to the Playstation VR under Moonshot Galaxy. But after the wait, is this game a ‘birdie’ or a ‘bogey’?

Although the Golf word has been removed from the title, the game keeps the gold aspects in tact. But, as the game is based in space it adds a new element to the game of golf, to the point where you could label it sports/puzzle hybrid. As you would expect the golf elements come for the fact there is a spot to tee off from, greens to keep your balls on and a hole to get it in to complete the course. Then the puzzle element comes from the courses being placed around spherical shapes (or planets in this case), meaning getting to the courses hole becomes a bit more tricky.

‘What about the clubs?’ I hear you say. Well in this game of golf clubs are not used, so although there are greens don’t be expecting your balls to be simply rolling across them. You have to complete the course by plotting the trajectory of the ball to reach the greens (normally broken up on different levels), and hope that the gravity brings it back down in the right place. Where the courses start off easy on each planet, the difficulty levels surely spikes as you approach the last quarter of the holes. At this point the game starts to throw obstacles in your way to make the shots a lot harder, and for me it came to guess and hope it makes it, which was very reminiscent of throwing grenades on Worms.

Visually Moonshot Galaxy is nothing outstanding, but it is one of those rare games where less seems more. I think the games idea and the style of the more strong blocky colours and design both go hand in hand, and I feel if they pushed the visuals further to be more realistic it would talk away from the some of the game’s charm. You also have to keep in mind that this is a budget game, so expecting it to pushing out the visual quality of games like Robinson: The Journey is may be a bit too much.

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Liftoff Labs have incorporated two controls schemes for Moonshot Galaxy, allowing the use of either the Dualshock 4 or two Playstation Move controllers. But, along with the camera, the games controls really brings the game down a bit – especially when it comes to the Dualshock 4 control system. A mix of poor controls and cameras sometimes makes it so you can not see the obstacles, and this can make you feel not fully in control of the shots you are taking; in turn resulting in some frustration. Personally I would recommend using the Move controllers, the reason being even-though the camera can still be an issue, you still feel like you have more control. This is down to one controller controlling your shot and the other turns the planet, giving you much more fluid control and a more natural interaction with the game.

The unique idea behind the simple premise of mini-golf, really helps making you want to return to Moonshot Galaxy; which in turn gives the game some longevity. Your first play through all the courses available wont take you any longer than a few hours, but the game gives you that feeling of ‘I can make that in one less shot’. Meaning there is plenty of replay value to the game, especially after you have done the later/harder levels.

Please note: This game is not currently available in the EU, but my understanding is that this will be available in the future.

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Moonshot Galaxy brings a unique twist to mini-golf and the gaming world with a sports/puzzler title. Bringing with it a feeling of wanting to improve your PAR on each course, making a game for passing times. Unfortunately slight issues with the camera and the controls hinder it a bit, but not to the point it ruins the game.

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