Monstrum 2, the survival horror title from Junkfish, is now officially in Early Access. The game uses procedurally generated levels to change the experience each time, as players attempt to outrun a player controlled creature!
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Junkfish, the Scotland based BAFTA-nominated studio, announced recently that Monstrum 2 is now in Early Access. The game, which is a survival horror, sees multiple players team up to best a single hunter. Monstrum 2 sees players exploring Sparrow Lock, as they attempt to outrun a creature and reach the exit. Each level is procedurally generated, meaning that each time is different from the last. Traps, rooms, and puzzles will all change and the difficulty will scale with the number of players.

The hunter has the choice of three different creatures, each with their own skills and playstyle. The Brute is exactly that; brute force and capable of smashing down walls. The Malacosm is capable of teleportation, and the Bhagra lurks in the shadows before striking. Adam Dart, CEO of Junkfish, said;

“ From a group of young students working passionately on an independent project, we became a real team at work on our first major multiplayer project. It is a real epic that we have lived, and we have learned a lot along the way. We are both impatient and scared to launch Monstrum 2 Early Access, and to find out how the community will welcome us”

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Monstrum 2 is currently in Early Access for £10.29, and those of you who grab the game before February 4th will receive bonus content. This includes skins from Monstrum 1 and an exclusive crest. Let us know in the comments below if you’ll be grabbing this!

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