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Monster Hunter Generations will be coming to the 3DS on July 15th and will be arriving with limited editions of the handheld. The sequel to the highly successful hunting sim has been out in Japan since November but finally has a worldwide release date.

The new limited edition handhelds that are available have a new take on the guild symbol on the front with the fated four, the games main antagonists, in the background. The colours will be exclusive based on location with North America getting a blue version and Europe getting a red one and the European version will have the game pre-installed. A demo will also be coming for those who prefer to try games before hand, with no specific release date given, although it will be before the game releases.

Monster Hunter Limited Edition Console
Image Courtesy of GameSpot
Monster Hunter Limited Edition Console
Image Courtesy of GameSpot

For those new to the franchise, Monster Hunter is an action RPG in which you create a player and hunt a range of dangerous creatures to kill or capture. Unlike other RPG’s, the player does not level up, instead improving themselves by obtaining better equipment. Monster hunter also boasts a large range of weapons that change the game style from slow great swords, to quick but weaker dual swords and ranged weapons. Characters are also able to freely switch between weapons instead of being restricted to a certain class as in many other games of similar genres.

Monster Hunter Generations
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The new instalment will include all 14 weapon types from the prior game in the series and will include some monsters seen before. In addition to this, 4 new signature monsters will be added as well as a new mode called ‘prowler’, which allow players to take control of a felyne, a cat-like species that were previously only available as companions.

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