Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Beta Gets Date

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Thanks to a blog post from Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’s Design Director Erik Odeldahl we know have some more details about the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst beta. The beta will be a closed beta and will serve to test the game’s new features.

The beta is set to begin April 22nd and will last for five days finishing on April 26th. Those of you who signed up for the beta and have been selected as frontrunners will receive your codes April 22nd, while the remaining codes will be sent out the next day.

The beta will show off several main story missions as well as side missions, optional content as well as the Social Play features. Social Play allows players to create their own content in the single player game. For more details check out the developer diary at the end of this article.

Are you excited for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst? More imporantly, how do you think it will stack up compared the original Mirror’s Edge? Let us know below!

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