There were apparently conversations between Microsoft and Bungie in regard to Microsoft purchasing Bungie which turns out to be false.
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There were conversations between Microsoft and Bungie regarding Microsoft purchasing Bungie. The former Halo developer has been fully independent since departing from its publishing deal with Activision last year. The biggest discussion regarding these Bungie deals was price. That was one of the reasons that Activision was eventually happy to walk away from the deal.

Bungie has recently attempted to extinguish these reports it has discussed any acquisitions with Microsoft. Bungie’s boss, Pete Parsons said that it was false that there were talks to acquire Bungie multiple times and the reason the talks had fallen through were due to Bungie’s price.


Bungie was known for working on the Halo games, before moving onto developing Destiny. Microsoft had originally acquired Bungie back in 2000 while they were half-way through development on Halo: Combat Evolved. After Halo: Reach’s release in 2010, the two companies split and four years later the original Destiny would release.

Destiny 2 is know coming up to its fourth year with a new expansion Beyond Light. Beyond Light will be available in November and will launch straight onto Game Pass. What do you think about Bungie and Microsoft coming together again? Let us know on Twitter @Games_Bulletin. 

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