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Persona 5
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Persona 5, the long awaited sequel in the Persona series, will hit consoles next year and the latest trailer focuses on new character Ann Takamaki.

As you can see in the trailer above, Ann is a beautiful girl who is the centre of rumours from her fellow classmates on a daily basis, rumours that are not deserved. Despite being out-casted and the focus for gossip, Ann cares deeply for her friends and is eager to join the Phantom Thieves. She is hoping to quash rumours that have circulated about her and an overly friendly Gym teacher at Shujin Academy. Ann winds up being a moral compass for the group as well as being someone you want watching your back in a fight!

Persona 5
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GamesPress got to meet Erika Harlacher who will voice Ann in the English speaking versions of the game. The video below is what she had to say about playing her.

For those unaware of the Persona series, it is a spin off from Atlus’ Megami Tensei series and its trademark features include a high school setting, a group of students as the protagonists, a silent protagonist similar to the mainline Megami Tensei franchise, and combat using Personas. Personas are beings used in battle that take form based on the personality of the character using them. The game uses a social simulation function called Social Links, which is directly linked to how Personas evolve so character interaction is important.

Persona 5 will be about the conflicts faced by a group of troubled youths living dual lives. These youths live the life of typical Tokyo High-schoolers but have the ability to use other-worldly powers to enter the hearts of people using Persona. The group are known as The Phantom Thieves and use their powers to help those in need.  The story will be standalone allowing both veterans of the series and newcomers to enjoy.

Are you a fan of the Persona series and if not, will you be picking up this new version? Let us know in the comments section below!

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