Marvel's Avengers will reward the player with a series of cosmetic skins in the game. Some of these items will come with partnerships with other companies.
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Marvel’s Avengers will reward the player with a series of cosmetic skins in the game. Some of these cosmetics look like they come with partnerships with other companies. If you’re a Virgin Media customer in the U.K. you will receive a set of cosmetic hero skins. Those same items will be available to Verizon customers in the U.S.

The second set of cosmetics is also releasing via a promotion with Intel. The intel promotion will also offer new clothing items as well as new color schemes.

In the US, another promotion will be available inside packs of 5Gum chewing gum. It seems that this promotion will have a variety of rewards and you’ll have to buy multiple packs of gum to get them all. There will be eight different rewards that you can receive that include Mrs. Marvel’s nameplates, legendary artifacts, and in-game currency.

As we know Playstation players will be exclusively receiving Spider-Man as a playable hero. These players will also have early-access to challenges, skins, and rewards. There were hopes that the web-slinger would eventually make it’s way to PC and Xbox One, but the only option is to play Marvel’s Avengers on Playstation.


Scott Amos, the boss of development at Crystal Dynamics did say “players are going to have their hands full with a lot to play with” and that “this is an opportunity to celebrate (Spider-Man’s addition) uniquely for those players (on PlayStation) because of that relationship.” Crystal Dynamics had just announced Hawkeye as a playable character and there are more heroes to come in the future.

Beta Information

The Marvel’s Avengers closed beta for Playstation just wrapped up this weekend with overall positive feedback from the community. If you are wanting to try out the beta for yourself the pre-order beta for Xbox One and PC starts on August 14 as well as the open beta for Playstation players. The open beta for everyone will be available on August 21-August 23. How are you all feeling about Marvel’s Avengers? If you tried the beta, let us know what you think on Twitter @Games_Bulletin. 

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