Mario Kart VR Game Coming To Japan

Mario Kart
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A VR version of Mario Kart Arcade GP is coming next month to Bandai Namco’s new VR Zone.

Bandai Namco’s first VR Arcade Center, called VR Zone Shinjuku, opens on July 14. While initially only in Tokyo, Yoshiyasu Horiuchi, a Bandai Namco executive, said the company was planning to open more VR Zone arcades overseas starting this Summer in London.

The catalog includes a variety of games based on popular video game and anime franchises like Mario Kart, Dragon Ball, Gundam and Evangelion.

In Mario Kart Arcade GP VR players will experience first hand the hazards of the track and be able to dispatch their rivals with their own hands using HTC Vive.

While Nintendo is not directly involved in the development of this game and hasn’t announced any future plans to include VR compatibility on the Nintendo Switch. Fans of the company’s franchises will still have the chance to experience Nintendo’s games in virtual reality through its licensed games.

Would you try this if it comes to your city? What other Nintendo games would you like to experience in VR?

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