Mafia III has received a free update that allows the player to customise their cars and compete in races for the chance to win the The Griffin Marauder.
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2K and Hangar 13 have released a free update for Mafia III that brings an array of new features including car customisation, races and new outfits. Here’s a breakdown of the features.


2K and Hangar 13 have delivered one of the biggest requests from fans of the game. Players can now customise any of the 10 cars that Lincoln can keep (more on that later). Players simply take their car to one of the nine Big Rick’s Garages in the game, and then simply select which decals, exhausts, spoilers, superchargers and wheels they want on the car. However what you can install onto your cars is determined by what you have unlocked. Customisation unlocks are done via completing the new races that this update brings.


The new update brings 12 races for players to complete; 6 circuit races and 6 point-to-point races. The races become available after the player first sits down with the three lieutenants, and be accessed by simply driving to the marker on the map for the race you want to take part in. It’s worth noting that these cannot be accessed while the player is being chased by the police. You may have noticed that in the customisation section above I said 10 cars could be customised. Players may realise that they currently only have 9 cars (6 unlocked in-game and 3 unlocked by owning the Family Kick-Back). The 10th car is unlocked by completing these races, and is the Griffin Marauder pictured as the main image for this article.


There are also new outfits that can be obtained thanks to the update. Two of these are ” “Bad, Bad Mr. Burke” (complete with ‘stache and flat cap) and “On the Prowl.” “. Players who link Mafia III with their My2K account can also obtain The Classico outfit and a custom revolver known as Il Duca (shown below). If you have already linked the account the Classico outfit will be in your wardrobe and the arms dealer will have your revolver.

Mafia III
Image courtesy of Mafia Game website

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