Mafia 3 Screenshots Released

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Mafia 3 is on its way for the next gen consoles and PC and screenshots taken from the games pre-alpha show it’s looking gorgeous.

Mafia 3

Seth Ronson, the game’s system designer recently gave a GDC presentation about NPC behaviour bringing life to games and used the images below. The shots show the streets of New Orleans where the game is set as well as some interesting looking interiors.

Mafia 3

Image courstesy of gamespot, click here for more.

The images show moody streets with some impressive lighting from streetlights, to shop fronts to neon signs. The interiors look busy with NPC’s enjoying drinks or watching live jazz bands playing on stage while waitresses walk around serving customers.

Mafia 3 will follow Lincoln Clay, an orphan who fought in the Vietnam War. He returns to New Orleans to establish a criminal organisation and oppose the Italian Mafia that have moved into New Orleans. Hanger 13, the games developer, have said Mafia will tackle issues of racism and prejudice against black people that was present in the deep south during 1968 hinting at a deep story.

What do you think of the screenshots, are you excited for the new installment of Mafia? Let us know in the comments below!

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