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Mafia 3 has finally got a release date of October 7, 2016
Pre-order the ‘Family Kick-Back’ pack to get exclusive content which are 3 new vehicles and weapons. 

Hopefully 2k will stick to this release date. I thought Mafia 2 was engaging to say the least, from trailers and gameplay previews shown Mafia 3 not only looks spectacular, the gameplay looks fun and varied too. Let’s hope what 2k showed us is a real indicator of what it will look like as the lighting, buildings, cars and the individual npc’s have a realistic look.

Mafia 3 takes place in 1968 after the Vietnam War, whereas, Mafia 2 took place in the early 1940s to 1950s (game progressed) this means that the cars will be noticeably different, and the tommy gun may not be as popular.  This also means the music will change from 50s to 60s music, and ‘Mafia’ games always have good music, and we know Mafia 3 will be no different with ‘Jimi Hendrix’ and ‘the Animals’ feature in the first trailer.

Mafia 3
Release Date: October 7, 2016

Now with the date being October 7th, I am excited play as Lincoln Clay in 1960s ‘New Bordeaux’ (reimagined New Orleans). Are you looking forward to playing Mafia 3?

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