2K Games has released a new trailer for their upcoming game Mafia 3. This trailer shows the realistic driving mechanics that will be available in this game
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A new trailer for the up and coming crime game Mafia 3 was released today. The trailer is called “Driving In New Bordeaux” and shows off the games realistic driving mechanics. In this trailer design director, Mathias Warch said that Mafia 3 aims to offer “Hollywood action driving.” He said if developers have done their job you should feel like a stunt driver in a Hollywood movie. The trailer also shows off how your vehicle will be affected by various surfaces, like gravel, asphalt, or mud and how you will be able to feel this seep into the way your’e driving. Warch stated that there is a sort of mastery behind the driving, but after five to ten minutes with it you will be able to have it down and push the car to its limits power-sliding around the streets of New Bordeaux.

He went on to say that Mafia 3’s driving sequences and mechanics are heavily inspired by 60’s driving movies like “Bullitt” staring Steve McQueen.

Mafia 3 is set to roll out on October 7, 2016 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Are you guys excited for 2K’s new entry to the Mafia franchise? How do you guys feel about the realistic driving mechanics of this game? Let us know in the comments below! Stay tuned for more information on Mafia 3.

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