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The new Madden game has reached some big improvements since the last one. Not just through the new roster, but the overall game play has improved. You have more options when it comes to passing the ball, and as a defender as well. I have played past Madden games, however none of which compare, in most respects.

Receivers have been given entirely new options. When you throw the ball to a receiver, you can choose how you want them to catch it. For example, if your receiver is covered by multiple people, you can choose for him to go for the ball aggressively. In addition to this, stats are displayed like never before. For most people this is not a huge deal, but I love the statistics of the teams, and I love the different display that Madden has adopted this year.

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Quarterbacks have been given new options too however, but they are too complex for me, so I still operate under old controls, such as holding the button for a bullet pass or lightly touching it for a lob. However you can throw a touch pass by double tapping a button, and many other different selections. In my opinion, this is too complex to consider as a receiver just got open and you can throw it to him in a short window of time.

Even though the game play has changed for the better, there are still essential parts that are missing from the game. For example, the create a player mode could have been improved more than it was. Personally, I love creating a player, getting drafted, and playing football while hiring an agent to get you interviews and such. I have not seen this game mode exactly since Madden NFL 11, which is still my favorite Madden game.

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However, the franchise mode is phenomenal. It still gives the overall feel of personalizing the game because you are in control of every aspect of your team. From who you play on the field to which college player you want to scout, you feel as though you are the sole owner of your favorite team.

All in all I love this game, and on a score of 1-10 I would give it a 9.5 only because I miss the feature which allows you to create a player. Despite that, Everything else is absolutely phenomenal and I love playing the game.