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It has been revealed that the legend himself, Mr Macho Man Randy Savage, will not be coming to the PS4 variant of the Skyrim Remaster. Mods were a huge selling point of the Skyrim remaster, as for the first time it would allow console gamers to mod their copy of Skyrim in the same fashion as those who own the game on PC. For Xbox users, this was plain sailing. No issues. However, the journey hasn’t been quite so smooth for PlayStation owners.

A while back, PlayStation users were told that mods for the remaster would not be coming to the PS4 at all. Bethesda blamed Sony, saying it was Sony’s decision. Sony then came forward and said mods would now be coming to the PS4 variant. Excellent news. Next, PlayStation users were informed via a Bethesda blog post¬†that the space for mods on PS4 would be one fifth of the allocated size when compared to the Xbox One edition (1GB vs 5GB). Now it seems that the famous Macho Man mod won’t be making an appearance either.

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The creator of the mod, an individual named FancyPants, explained to GameSpot he had “very few problems” porting the PC mods over to Xbox One. The issue lied with PS4, and Sony’s policy of¬†forcing modders to use only in-game assets to create mods. The issue being, unfortunately, Macho Man isn’t a native asset to Skyrim. FancyPants added:

“I have no plans to make any … None of the modders I know are planning on making anything, either. I think a lot of players are going to be very disappointed.”

It seems like Sony’s policy is holding back their consumers from the full experience of modding games. What do you think? How big of an issue is this? Let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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