The long wait for Elder Scrolls 6 is great news!

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News that surfaced from the turbulent news-fest that is E3 that has gone largely unnoticed in media circles is that Elder Scrolls 6 is real, and it’s coming, and it’s a long way off.

Most discussion I’ve seen of this circulating public forums is a collective anguish and grief from many fans of the series whom see another marathon of waiting ahead of them, a common theme with Elder Scrolls releases. But personally I see this as fantastic news.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore the Elder Scrolls series and don’t like waiting for the games I want. But I see the advantages of waiting a long time for a game to cook and flourish to its true potential. If we take a look at Fallout 4, a great game in the eyes of many, including myself (but certainly not perfect), everything I would have improved about it required more honing and perfecting on the part of Bethesda. And it would not have hurt to have had a more powerful engine under the hood of Fallout 4.Fallout 4 Diamond City

Remember the amount of hate piled onto Fallout 4? Admittedly there was a myriad of causes at play there, but two key reasons were the lack of love put in and the disappointing visuals. Remember how Skyrim knocked everyone’s socks off in terms of visuals and finesse and quality put into the product?

And the impressions we get from those infamous E3 interviews is that they are thinking ambitiously and want to really do something earth shaking and unexpected with the next game.

Speaking in an interview a few weeks back, Todd Howard (A Bethesda Big Wig) responded to an interviewer asking if they were making Elder Scrolls 6 with “Yes, you know of course we are. It’s something we love but it is … I have to be careful what I say, it’s a very long way off. I could sit here and explain the game to you and you would say “That sounds like you don’t even have the techno-how long is that going to take?””.landscape-1458577493-418876

Think of how long it took them to build Skyrim. Fallout 3 hit in October 2008, Skyrim dropped in November 2011. That was a three year gap that they needed to create the game changing, mind blowing seminal game which was Skyrim. They’re going to need a few more years to bring about the change we hope for between Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls 6. At least 3 I’d assume.

Let them bring us the ball-out-of-the-park Bethesda A-game we all know they’re capable of, because they’ve done it before, let them do it again. They want to blow our minds. And I say let them. Be patient.

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