Live Streaming Platform Mixer Launches Today

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Microsoft introduced the new live video streaming platform for Xbox One and Windows 10 with several features launching today and more to come.

Mixer is Beam re-branded. The platform was acquired by Microsoft in 2016 and integrated into Xbox One and more recently into Windows 10.

Mixer introduces new features to Microsoft’s video streaming services across all its platforms and mobile devices.

This interactive live-streaming platform has a reduced delay between original broadcast and viewer’s reception, which is advertised as being ‘actually live compared to other platforms.’
Another big feature of the platform is its level of interactivity where viewers are able to not only watch but to influence the choices made during the broadcast.

An example made by Matt Salsamendi, Co-founder and Mixer Engineering Lead, on how this interactivity works is Telltale Games’ Crowd Play feature introduced in the presentation of their recent games like Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series. This feature allowed the audience to choose from their mobile devices the way a story unfolds.

Salsamendi mentioned that both Telltale Games and the Minecraft Team, along with many other developers and their community members, are working to integrate Mixer’s interactive tools into their games.

Mixer is built directly into Guide on Xbox One and Game bar on Windows 10 to make it faster and easier to share gameplay without the need of extra software. Along with the re-branded platform, Microsoft is introducing some new features:

  • Co-Streaming is a built-in cooperative streaming where up to 4 streamers can combine their streams into one shared split-screen view with a centralized chat. This feature doesn’t require streamers to be playing the same game or using the same device. This allows viewers to watch four different broadcast at the same regardless of their content. This feature launched today for everyone and eventually Xbox Users will be able to invite friends to join a co-stream directly from the Guide.
  • Mixer Create is a self-broadcasting mobile app for iOS and Android. The beta launches today with a live-streaming feature coming soon.
  • Channel One is a 24/7 moderated channel showcasing Mixer’s trending content.
  • Mixer Page on the Xbox One Dashboard launches today and features curated content for Xbox users.

Microsoft made a few related announces, including the opening of a new studio and a couple of events:

E3 Broadcast

The Xbox E3 briefing will be broadcasted in 4K Ultra HD for those who have a 4K A/V setup. There will be bonuses for those watching with a Mixer account.

Mixer NYC Studio

Mixer NYC Studio is a digital production studio located at Microsoft’s New York store. This studio is equipped to broadcast gaming and esports events globally and to held an array of events for visitors:

The studio is outfitted with professional-grade gaming stations, a control room that supports 2D and 3D graphic effects, a digital audio system bringing arena, concert sound quality, full interactive lighting control, an LED video wall, shoutcaster desks and player lounges, along with stage, audience and commentary setups.

Visit for more information about upcoming events and how to join.

Launch Celebration

A live streaming event to celebrate the launch of the platform starts today at 11 a.m. PT

Image Courtesy Of Xbox Wire

During the even Microsoft will be showcasing the features of Mixer with demos, a gaming marathon, Forza Motorsport 6 tournaments and giveaways.

At 6 p.m. PT, co-founder James Boehm will be hosting a Co-streaming Partner Spotlight.

The event closes at 9 p.m. PT with an interactive fireworks show that allows viewers to create the display through Mixer’s interactivity.

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