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This weekend saw the release of ‘The Depths’, the first of 3 DLC chapters for Bandai Namco’s creepy gem, Little Nightmares.

The Depths allows players to jump back into the macabre world of The Maw, returning to familiar areas as well as exploring new ones. The Depths follows a brand new character called ‘The Runaway Kid’, as he follows a mysterious girl through the lowest reaches of The Maw. The Depths are not vacant however and ‘The Granny’ resides in the murky water, ready to drag The Runaway Kid under if he makes a wrong move.

The Depths

The graphics are suitably creepy, as in the main game and there are some nice shine effects created when pools are drained to show moisture. The main character is dressed in blue this time and has had his face cleverly obscured; not by a hood as with Six, but with a mop of fuzzy hair. The Granny is mainly just a pair of disembodied arms throughout and when you do finally see her, is just as nightmarish as the inhabitants that Six met on her travels. The environments are nothing special, mirroring the dank and gloomy boiler rooms from the first level of the main game, which is perhaps a little disappointing, but may well change in the other chapters that are scheduled for release.

As the name suggests, The Depths is mainly water based and takes place in the lowest levels of The Maw. The gameplay is the same as the main game, with the aim being to get from one area to the next by solving puzzles or outrunning The Granny as she tries to drag you to a watery grave. The sections actually on the water involve either distracting or out-swimming The Granny by using the debris in the water or strategically throwing her a fish head. The puzzles don’t involve anything particularly different from the main game but mix things up a little with water mechanics, draining and filling pools and strategically placing debris to create paths.

A little of the magic is lost in my opinion in that The Runaway Kid is the only inhabitant that you see throughout the chapter. There is a glimpse of another girl who seems to be leading the escape but there are no Nomes this time around. The Nomes gave life to the environments and made it feel like Six was not the only one fighting for survival but the Runaway Kid is completely alone. There may be a reason for this in the grand scheme of things; there is so much that is shrouded in mystery from the main game and the expansion raises more questions than it answers.

Although The Depths looks similar to the main game, the introduction of a new main character and a new creature makes up for the similar environments. The chases and the puzzles are just as satisfying as those that came before and the water mechanics do enough to make the adventure feel fresh, with the length and final scene helping to make the chapter feel complete. Some of the magic of the main game is lost due to The Runaway Kid being alone but this is the first chapter of 3 so may not feel the same when the whole story is released. It is important to note that similar comparisons would be made if we were to judge the main story of Little Nightmares based on 1 chapter.

Overall, The Depths is a great addition to the game and ramps up the mystery substantially. The length is good for a DLC and if the other chapters match it in terms of size, the Runaway Kid’s adventure will be similar in length to Six’s. Considering the season pass is half the price, this a pretty good deal! Now comes the hard part……waiting for chapter 2!

You can check out the review of the main game here. Will you be braving The Maw once more? Let us know in the comments section below or Tweet us!

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