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Little Nightmares
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Today Bandai Namco and Tarsier Studios have revealed that the much loved Little Nightmares is due to get an expansion pass. Little Nightmares Secret of the Maw will add 3 chapters to the game tell the story of another seperte escape story.

Secrets of the Maw tells the story of The Runaway Kid, another prisoner looking to escape his surroundings. The expansion will show 3 unseen areas of The Maw in 3 different chapters; The Depths, The Hideaway and a last secret location that promises to offer “a different perspective on Six’s adventures as well as new challenges to overcome.”

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“In The Depths, the first chapter to be released in July, the Runaway Kid will explore a decayed and flooded basement where he must try to escape from an insidious threat that lurks underwater. In November, you will be able to visit The Hideway, a machine-themed section where the Nomes reside. The third and final chapter to be released in January will decide the fate of The Runaway Kid.”

As of today pre-orders for the expansion pass are now being taken for PC, Xbox One and PS4 on each platform’s store (apparently pre-ordering expansion passes is a thing now). Gamers can also pre-order the Complete Edition of Little Nightmares. This includes the base game and the expansion pack.

Will you be grabbing yourself the expansion pass? How do you feel about pre-ordering an expansion pass? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or tweet me @bulletin_ben!

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