Lenstore, an eyecare website, have crowned these games the most accessible games to those with visual impairments. Their study looked at a range of games, but who came out on top?
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Lenstore, an online optician, has published a blog post in which they list the games which are most friendly to those with visual impairments. Data was gathered from Metacritic, to analyse the highest-rated games and their accessibility. The most popular games of 2020 were also analysed.

Board games and video games are often created with those with perfect vision in mind. Whether it’s small text, colours that don’t support those with limited colour vision, or low contrast, it can be difficult for many people to enjoy the same range of activities available to those with 20/20, uncorrected vision.


The games were scored on four different features; Colour deficiency, HUD scaling, adjustable font size, and contrast setting. The top ten games, as shown below, cover a range of genres. Everything from XCOM to Red Dead Redemption makes the list, but The Last Of Us Part 2 takes the top prize. This makes sense, given that Naughty Dog attempted to make the game as accessible as possible. Lenstore stated that “As well as offering the most complete selection of accessibility options, the game is also one of very few in the industry with native support for Text-to-Speech and offers a number of specific gameplay features to skip puzzles, avoid falling, and hide from enemies that are designed to meet the needs of those that are visually-impaired”. In regards to accessibility in recent games, The Last Of Us Part 2 once again takes the top cut. However, games like Crusader Kings III, Hades, and Half-Life Alyx also rank highly in accessibility. The list of recent games is also available below.

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The most interesting part of the entire post though may come from the adjustments that Lenstore suggests. They suggest a range of features that can be implemented to help those with visual impairments. These include adjusting text size, as well as HUD. They even suggest the implementation of Text-To-Speech in games, something they say would be very well received. Other suggestions include lock-on aim, where shooting or weapon targeting is required, audio cues for movement and combat, ability to skip certain sections that are harder for those with impairments, and the ability to adjust contrast levels beyond that of the gaming platform. It is worth noting that some of these features are implemented by some developers, but it seems that more can be done to help with visual impairments.

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