Kojima Productions, the team that brought the world the polarising Death Stranding, have confirmed they are hiring for a new untitled project
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Kojima Productions have confirmed in a press release that they are hiring for a new, albeit undisclosed, project. The press release states that applicants must speak and read business level Japanese, which makes sense given that the job is based in Kojima Production’s Tokyo studio.

A full list of available jobs can be found below, and anyone wishing to apply can do so via Kojima Production’s LinkedIn Jobs page. What do you think this new project could be? A Death Stranding sequel, or maybe a game set in the same universe? Or perhaps an entirely new IP? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @games_bulletin!

List of jobs available


  • Game Programmer 
  • Tools Programmer 
  • Technical Artist 
  • System Programmer 
  • 3D Rendering Programmer / Effects Programmer 
  • Animation Programmer 
  • Physics Programmer 
  • AI Programmer 
  • Network Programmer 
  • Sound Programmer 
  • UI Programmer 

Sound Design

  • Sound Designer 


  • Environment Artist 
  • Character Artist 
  • Weapons / Mechanical Artist 
  • Animator 
  • Cinematic Artist 
  • VFX Artist 
  • Lighting Artist 
  • UI/2D Artist 

Game Design

  • Game Designer 
  • Level Designer  

Producer/Assistant Producer 

  • Producer/Assistant Producer 

Project Management

  • Project Manager 


  • Writer 


  • Localization Specialist 

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