<p>Could a GTA2 remake be on the way?</p>
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Reddit user wpxneptune has posted an interesting image on the r/gaming subreddit. The image, shown below, shows a countdown with two countdown deadlines. 

The first deadline, which is shown above the game’s logo, is for 3rd February 2016  while the second deadline, which is shown below the game’s logo, is for the 24th February.

Upon going to the game’s site  an intro plays giving messages which seem to be people showing their disbelief at the game, claiming it sends bad messages to those who play it. 

Is this a remake? The game originally released for Playtation back in 1999, but as shown by the Final Fantasy 7 Playstation 4 remake fans are waiting for Sony aren’t new to remaking original Playstation games. But that’s just my thoughts. 

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